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Diabetes is a disease that effects how the body uses glucose. When a diabetic eats a meal, the rise in the glucose level that is supposed to trigger the generation of insulin doesn't work properly. If insulin isn't properly produced, the glucose can?t be absorbed by the cells, and will remain in the bloodstream, which will in turn, raise the blood sugar level. With proper diet and exercise, the health risks associated with diabetes can be reduced.

Low Carbohydrate

The low carb diet swept the nation the past couple of years, and people have had great success. And, like most people will tell you, it?s one of the tastiest, and most satisfying lifestyles around! Low carb diets are very successful when followed properly. The reasons behind why low carb diets are successful can?t be squeezed into this short paragraph, but if you are considering it, I recommend doing a little research. The toughest part about starting a low carb diet is figuring out what you can eat. Well, that?s why we are here!

Body Building

When it comes to the diet of the body builder, 3 words should stand out? Protein, protein, protein? It?s what the body uses to build, repair, and maintain muscle tissue. The dietary needs of the individual bodybuilder can vary greatly based on their particular situation, so consulting with a personal trainer/nutritionalist is the best way to maximize your efforts. These recipes contain the right nutritional combination, although, you may want to increase, or decrease the ingredients based on individual needs. (4 or 2 eggs, instead of 3, etc?)

Low Fat

There are 2 key factors to losing weight: Diet and exercise. There is a significant amount of research done on low carb or blood type diets that validate their popularity, but all science and statistics aside, the formula to losing weight is simple: Calories taken in ? calories burned = weight gain/loss. Low carb and blood type diets are designed to reduce the first, and increase the second, and are well worth researching. But remember, fat in a normal diet is usually around 20 or 30 percent of our caloric intake. Reducing the amount of fat in a meal is an excellent way of reducing our caloric intake.

Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet has been gaining a lot of momentum these past couple of years. The philosophy behind it is, people with different blood types, absorb nutrients into their body differently. For example, this is why people of blood type O have great success on a low carb diet, where people of blood type A have little, or no success. Type A individuals tend do well as vegetarians. This study regarding the relationship between nutrition, digestion, and exercise is one supported by many who changed their lifestyle to accommodate the biological makeup of their own bodies based on their blood type.

Active Lifestyle Diets

Proper diet and exercise should be a part of everyone?s lifestyle. That being said, those who spend much of their free time engaged in regular, intense exercise (body building, running, etc) have special dietary needs. Pre and post workout nutritional intake is critical in maximizing performance in their respective activity. Those who participate in these types of activities would benefit from a consultation with a personal trainer/nutritionalist. Here, we offer some general recipes that should meet the nutritional requirements of those with these specific dietary needs.

All Desserts

The dessert tops of a good meal with a simple pleasure that tastes great. In this category we have desserts from ALL of the categories listed on the site so make sure if you are looking for a specific type of dessert you look in that category!


Eating delicious, scrumptious foods is one of the great joys of life. Sometimes, our cravings fall a little outside of our normal, healthy lifestyle. But, hey, as long as we?re good most of the time, there?s nothing wrong with a little indulgence every now and then. So, go ahead, have that cheesecake on Saturday, or, if you?re a Blood Type A person, have the ribs. As long as we keep to our diet most of the time, enjoy that treat, guilt free!

Well Rounded Meals

The key to healthy eating is made up with little ridges and these ridges include: meal portions and nutritional intake. Well Rounded meals are meals that you get a well balanced nutritional intake from and do not need to add any other sides or dishes to. These meals are well portioned and are not over indulgent in their portion sizes which is a common mistake in many peoples diets.


We defined vegetarianism as: a diet that excludes meat, fish, and poultry but includes dairy products and eggs. In the "Vegetarian Times" magazine there was a study done in 19992 that published some surprising results. The study showed that over 12.4 million adults considered themselves to be a vegetarian. These numbers have been growing since then as a result of health awareness and the values and benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle. This diet style is very common and we are excited to now offer recipes that are friendly to this lifestyle.


Veganism is becoming ever more popular than it has in the past. Due to the ever increasing need to find recipes that fit with this diet lifestyle we are happy to say we now have a vegan section to assist with your diet preference. We defined vegan as: a diet that excludes meat,fish, and poultry along with all dairy products and eggs.


Indian food's popularity has been souring the past couple of years, both for it's spicy recipes and nutritional value.


Thanks to requests for gluten-intolerant recipes, we now have a section dedicated to just that. This was a learning experience for us here at Healthygrocerylist.com and I wanted to help others who visit the site to understand what a gluten is. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. This may sound like it would be easy to avoid in your diet but there are many hidden glutens in the foods we eat. For example malt has gluten and would be easily overlooked. You find gluten in breads, pastas, cookies, beer and many other places you may never thought it would be. Rest assured though that there are gluten free alternatives to all of these favorite foods. We are excited to get this new addition to our site full of great recipes that everyone can enjoy. Please add your own favorite recipes to the site. Remember to make sure when using ingredients like mustard, red wine vinegar, ketchup, any spices or anything that may have additives that you verify the contents for your diet. All natural ketchup is Gluten and Casein friendly but regular is not! Keep this in mind when cooking!!

Gluten and Casein Free

A casein-free diet is an eating plan in which milk protein (casein) is eliminated by removing all dairy products and all foods containing casein from the diet. It is often, if not always, used in combination with a gluten-free diet, which calls for the elimination of wheat, barley, rye, oats, and any products made from these grains. Both diets are called elimination diets because a particular type of food is virtually eliminated from the child's meals. (Murch, S. 2005. "Diet, Immunity, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders." J Pediatr. 146(5):582-584.) This important diet was brought to us by Debbie, one of our members. Rest assured, I will be working hard to get some recipes in here soon. Remember to make sure when using ingredients like mustard, red wine vinegar, ketchup, any spices or anything that may have additives that you verify the contents for your diet. All natural ketchup is Gluten and Casein friendly but regular is not! Keep this in mind when cooking!!